Makarska Riviera

The Makarska Riviera is a beautiful tourist destination on the Croatian coast. It is an area from Dubrovnik to Split, which stretches for 60 kilometers and includes beautiful places such as Makarska, Baška Voda and Gradac.

The Makarska Riviera is known for its beautiful beaches. The beaches are usually sandy and rocky, and are surrounded by pine forests. They are also known for their clear and blue waters, and are ideal for swimming and enjoying the sun.

The Makarska Riviera is also known for its gastronomy. You can enjoy traditional dishes such as black risotto or lobster, and serve yourself with a beautiful view of the sea. There are also numerous restaurants and taverns where you can try local wines and leftovers.

The Makarska Riviera is also popular among lovers of outdoor activities. You can try your hand at diving, sailing, hiking or cycling. There are also numerous excursions that lead to beautiful islands and national parks in the area. For example Biokovo nature park.

The Makarska Riviera is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed summer vacation. You can stay in one of the numerous apartments or hotels on the coast, and enjoy the beautiful nature and cultural sights in the area. 

Be sure to check the availability of our apartments in your desired time for vacation. If you are planning a summer vacation on the Croatian coast, consider visiting the Makarska Riviera. 

This is a beautiful area that offers everything you need for a pleasant and unforgettable vacation.

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